Offer vocational training places higher 2018-19

Vacancies offered to the public event day 26 July (11.00H) award vacancies participants in the enrollment process, they have not been assigned in the first request for higher vocational training.


1R CIT 9
2N CIT 6
1R ADFI 10
1R GVEC 15
2N GVEC 13
1R DAW 10
2n DAW 16
1R DAM 3
2N DAM 2
2N to 20

Collecting awards championship Catskill

El dijous 5 was delivering the championship medals Catskill 2018. The student Joel Lorenz 2nd SMX has collected the gold medal in the specialty 39 network support. A l’Spainskills 2019 Joel Lorenz compete as a representative of Catalonia, the champions of the other communities. The champion of this Spainskills compete with the best of each country Worldskills 2019 a Russia i al Euroskills 2020 a Austria. A photo, Minister Josep Bargalló, Joel Lorenz who collected the medal from the hands of Minister, representatives of the sponsoring company and the PUE expert tutor Roger Sanchez.

Advisory Service and Recognition of learning acquired through work experience (2018-2019)

Calendar Advisory :

calendar assessorament_2018-19

Full sun·Application advice

Full registration consultancy service

Recognition Calendar :

calendar reconeixement_Octubre_2018

Full sun·application for recognition

Full registration recognition service

S’oferten 6 places for each of the following cycles:

Family Administration and Finance,,ca,Administrative management CFGM,,ca,CFGS Administration and Finance,,ca,Family of trade and marketing,,ca,Commercial activities CFGM,,ca,International trade CFGS,,ca,CFGS Management sales and commercial spaces,,ca,CFGS Transport i logística,,en,Family of Informatics and Communications,,ca,CFGM microcomputer systems and networks,,ca,CFGS systems information network,,ca,CFGS Application Development platform,,ca,CFGS Web Application Development,,ca,distributions curriculum,,ca,Family Administration and Finance,,ca

CFGM Gestió administrativa

CFGS Administració i finances

Família de comerç i màrqueting

CFGM Activitats comercials

CFGS Comerç internacional

CFGS Gestió de vendes i espais comercials

CFGS Transport i logística

Família d’Informàtica i comunicacions

CFGM Sistemes microinformàtics i xarxes

CFGS Administració de sistemes informàtics en xarxes

CFGS Desenvolupament d’aplicacions multiplataforma

CFGS Desenvolupament d’aplicacions web

III Conference on entrepreneurship and business

Last week, of 28 May to 1 June took place Third Conference Business and Entrepreneurship Institute Carlos Vallbona Granollers, aimed at students of Intermediate Vocational Training of Administrative and Commercial Activities.
The conference was a success, starting Monday 28 May with the presentation of Challenge How to Revitalize the Rock Village. After presenting the challenge to students, came the Can Muntanyola, where we explained how to make a business plan. Then the Association Mundus, workshops made fun of group dynamics where students enjoyed very. read more

II Open Day Quality

On 17 May was held at our center the second edition of the Open Day Quality, where we show the advantages of implementing international models of organizational management, while we offer support, guidance and training centers that we visited.
A total of 15 assistants 7 different schools, who joined us during the morning and learned about best practices in our school, as well as our future challenges.

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market solidarity – 2n ACO

/ The students of 2nd Commercial Activities on Friday 18 May they performed from synthesis module market in second hand charity The Porch. Presented for sale a selection of clothes, books, toys and accessories, all proceeds will go to the project “always States” Manos Unidas to fight illiteracy.

You can see more photos of the activity here.