Starting a Room Escape

El passat dimarts 4 December, First-year students of CFGS International Trade made a cohesive group activity. They went to Barcelona to do with his tutor Room Escape, Manuel Muñoz. Divided into groups 4 people, rooms were different adventure, by, darkness of space. After the activity went together to dinner at Burger King Plaza Urquinaona and from there to the nearby station Paseo de Gracia to return to Granollers. read more

Exit to Barcelona Supercomputing Center

El passat dia 22 October, students in second administrative, the company went to visit Barcelona Computing Center, within the activities offered by Barcelona Activa. This trip was intended to consider whether the student could choose, depending on their professional profile, any job related to the company, how this type of company, which departments have…and reflect on their careers. read more

Talk “Who do you bet?”

Wednesday 28 middle grade students participated in a talk about gambling.
He tried on different types of games that are, issues related to responsible use of online gambling, the prevention of the most common problems associated with online gambling, the rules governing the game, the economic costs that can generate, among other things.
It was a very interesting talk and the students showed great interest in the topic.

Course of international payment

On Tuesday an important part of students International Trade received the diploma of the course on “International payment” organized and sponsored by Bankia, and managed by the Education Department of the Government. The course consisted 70 and contact hours 30 on-line. To pass the course has had to pass an exam and different virtual testing. The final assessment of students is very positive for both the quality of teaching and the materials. Hopefully we can repeat in future editions. read more

Workshop on Trends

On Monday 26 November, students 2nd CFGM of commercial and 2nd CFGS Sales Management and Commercial Spaces could participate in a workshop on Trends directed by Daniel Domecq professional company Sartre. The assessment of the seminar was very positive by all participants, because they know firsthand, how the market trends today and everything will be in stores soon. read more

Workshop guidance

Monday 12 November, students in second administrative participated in a workshop on career guidance. During the workshop dealt with activities that can be found during the process of recruitment when you want to get a job in the labor market. Bernard Panadès was the person who gave the workshop, worked with the preparation of a curriculum. The students welcomed the workshop, it was relaxed and helpful.
We thank Brian Young and the Office of workshops that offer our students can enjoy. read more