Day Live Marketing Vic

Wednesday 18 April 2nd CIT students, 2n d’ADFI, 2n GVEC and 2nd TIL attended the Day Live Marketing Vic organized by the University of Vic, conducted a study of blind test cookies that tested four kinds of brands of cookies that are sold in the market without knowing beforehand brands, making an assessment of each product, they also value the envelope and did an activity for groups on packaging. It was a fun day.

You can see more photos of the day here.

Visit the Scientific Information Port

Students in the CFGM Microcomputer Systems and Networks visited Scientific Information Port, situated on the Bellaterra campus of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. PIC infrastructure part of the CERN grid (CERN), dedicated, among other projects, edge research in particle physics.

Like this, Students have seen in operation the infrastructure necessary to process gigantic volumes of data that come from cabbage·collide particles generated at the LHC (Large Hadron Collider).

Podeu veure més fotos here.

self-esteem, the best travel companion – 2n GAD

Students in second administrative,on Friday, day 13 April, participated in a workshop where they worked esteem. Students gradually, through different activities, managed to weather the workshop, where you can express emotions and qualities other bandmates. A workshop was very beneficial and positive for the cohesion of the group 2GAD. Thank again the participation of the Angels M Coma, technical health promotion, the City of Granollers, who always leads us very experiential workshops.

You can see more photos of the workshop here.

Business activity in the classroom

Students in 2nd GAD made a last days “Business lunch” within the module “Empresa a l’aula” to space “chill-out” del center. The meeting served to share problems and successes of each of the two groups and… also a good time to go! read more

Talk Carlos Sentinel Croda, SADDLE

El dijous 22 Marc, Carles Sentinel, any logistics company Croda IBÉRICA; SADDLE, gave a talk to students in advanced vocational training and Dual Module 2 on CIT “Logistics of a large company and future prospects”. He explained his personal experience as head of department and, above all, skills and attitudes which can offer students as positive points and added value to companies which want to insert. It was very constructive and motivating.

Participation in the Fair Guia't

On 20, 21 i 22 March, Carles Vallbona Institute could take part in the ninth edition of the Fair Guia't, located in Rock Umbert Granollers. In this fair, showing the full range of post-compulsory vocational education offered in the Vallès Oriental.

During 3 Day visitors to the Fair, have been able to participate in conferences, workshops and roundtables, in addition to visiting the exhibition stands and. Visitors were also able to make specific inquiries and talk to counselors. read more