Carles Vallbona Secondary School Students participating in the contest Programame

Fromgrup_iescarlesvallbonaing the month of March is carrying out tests regional contest of the Fifth State “Program ". This initiative is aimed at teams of students enrolled in vocational training that test their knowledge of programming languages.

The students of our institute, Oscar Moreno 1st DAW i, Fran Reyes and Alex Torregrosa 1st of ASIX, accompanied by Professor Luis De Diego (from left to right in the picture), are our regional representatives in the Forest Institute of Olot Coma Day 18 March.
During 4 competing hours 19 teams emerged from schools throughout Catalonia in a fun day taking place throughout the day. Where the aim is to find students with the same passion for programming while competing or share a meal.
Strongly by our team!