Professional Counselling Service

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A Who is

Aimed at adults interested in getting a diagnosis of their training and career opportunities and find the most suitable training program to achieve the objective of the proposed rating.


How can I?


  • Have individually a specialist consultant in a professional family that will help me to identify my skills, interests and my professional goal during work sessions.
  • Understand the opportunities afforded me the VET system and how can I benefit.
  • Know if my experience can be recognized for academic content of a training cycle, and what do I get it.
  • Know if the courses I have done academic recognition and to what extent I can help you achieve a degree of professional training.
  • Advice to determine the training strategy best suited to my interests, career and the time available.
  • Having an assessment report with a personalized roadmap with directions on the actions that I do, and practical information to achieve a degree of professional training.
  • The assessment report obtained is a requirement to attend the service in recognition of work experience.

What is?

This is a personalized service that helps people define and achieve their professional goals by identifying training with academic recognition, analysis of the possibilities of recognizing their academic experience and determination of a plan of work to get it.

The counseling service is providing an educational individually, and costs determined by the price of public 60,00 €

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