cybersecurity Conference

The students participated in the SMX conference cybersecurity organized within the fair guia't.

The Vallbona won the gold medal for the second time SpainSkills

Joel and Roger back to Madrid with gold medal, first prize, the Spainskills, competition for students of vocational training in Spain, ICT Administration in the form of networked systems (Skill 39).

Congratulations Joel!
Congratulations Roger!

Joel is this course the student CFGS Web Application Development, had previously completed the CFGM Microcomputer Systems and Networks.

His tutor is Professor Roger Sanchez Yuste.

Now we prepare for the World Cup in Russia.

Visit the Parliament of Catalonia

on 2 April, Students in the first year of Administrative visited the Parliament of Catalonia, participating in a guided tour and commented very active and participative, which complements the training they receive these days of Public Administration and Business Administration Module.

World Day of Happiness

Students in 2nd Commercial Activities have worked for two months on a project together with the city of Canovelles to commemorate the International Day of Happiness held the 20 Marc. They carried out the design of the poster on the conference and photocall was exposed that day and have designed and implemented an action in the windows of shops Canovelles, which consisted label phrases of songs that awaken in them "Happiness". The City Council has given us a shirt with our design. read more

Visit the Education Fair

Students 2nd GVEC, 2n ADFI and 2nd TIL Thursday 21 March we went to the Education Fair in Barcelona, output has been very enriching for the students to decide and think about their future career.

Visit the Museum of Design in Barcelona

On 5 Marc, 2nd CIT students visited the Design Museum of Barcelona. Besides cabbage·permanent collection, There is a temporary exhibition Advertising.

The visit was very interesting from the point of view of marketing. On the first floor of the museum, they could see different designs and products to the 4th floor evolution of graphic design.

A temporary exhibition on advertising, could know the most notable posters from 1859 fins 1950. Jewel Craft. We also attended the conference “As we speak the advertising media?”, in what became a historical display advertising on Barcelona.

You can see more photos of the exit here.

Visit Morrot stations and Can Tunis

Students cycle transport and logistics terminals visited Morrot Can Tunis in Barcelona and managed by the Group Alonso for rail freight European gauge.

Mr. Joseph Ferro, none of the terminals, told students and operates the service in Barcelona and gave details about the new line to Bettembourg (Luxembourg) which has begun to provide services for 15 dies, which is an extension of Lorry-Rail service being provided from Le Bolou (Perpignan).


Open Vocational Training 2019-2020

Download presentations:


Download portes_obertes_CFGM_SMX_1819_R2.pdf (PDF, 1.89MB)

Download portes_obertes_CFGS_INF_1819_R2.pdf (PDF, 2.62MB)


Administrative management training cycle intermediate

Download portes_obertes_CFGM_GAD_1819_R2.pdf (PDF, 1.54MB)

Commercial activities intermediate training cycle

Download portes_obertes_CFGM_ACO_1819_R4.pdf (PDF, 4.5MB)

Vocational training and business administration degree than family

Download portes_obertes_CFGS_ADCO_1819_R3.pdf (PDF, 3.13MB)