Visit the Mossos d'Esquadra in 1st GAD

El passat divendres 5 April, the young men made a speech to students in the first Administrative Management.
In the morning we received two members who wanted the students to understand the risks of inappropriate behavior and, in many cases, outlaw.
They particularly affect the consumption of drugs and violent behavior.
The students reacted very well to talk, and recognizing their active participant, after it, which had been very useful for them, because they understood some things and concepts and also unaware information.

Workshop guidance

Monday 12 November, students in second administrative participated in a workshop on career guidance. During the workshop dealt with activities that can be found during the process of recruitment when you want to get a job in the labor market. Bernard Panadès was the person who gave the workshop, worked with the preparation of a curriculum. The students welcomed the workshop, it was relaxed and helpful.
We thank Brian Young and the Office of workshops that offer our students can enjoy. read more

Exit the Parliament and Caixafòrum

On 27 April 1st GAD students went to the Parliament of Catalonia, where they visited some of the venues and learned the operation of this important institution Catalan.
After Caixafòrum walked up to participate in a workshop on entrepreneurship that was very dynamic and fun, while enriching.
It was a very rewarding day for all!!!

You can see more photos of the exit here.

Departure at Barcelona Activa – 2n GAD

On 24 April, 2nd GAD students visited Barcelona Activa space to perform 2 interesting workshops face the future:

– Management of the job interview
– The job

Now we are finishing the cycle and some of them consider entering the labor market soon, These activities are necessary and are very enriching.

Sortida al Parlament i Ajuntament de 1r de GAD

Els alumnes de primer de Gestió Administrativa han visitat el Parlament de Catalunya el dia 20 Marc.

I també, per aprofitar el viatge, l’Ajuntament de Barcelona.

Amb aquestes visites els alumnes han pogut assolir millor els continguts que fan referència a les institucions públiques, dins del mòdul formatiu “Empresa i Administració”. read more

Taller: Let's get

talleranemfeina161On 16 December, students 2GAD, participated in a workshop offered by the counseling office working young youth, Laura Vilarrasa. The workshop consisted of several dynamics, from Psycho, through the choice of jobs, the analysis of curriculum, to participate in a job interview. Many thanks to Laura for her work.
You can see more photos of the workshop here.