Self Workshop – 1r GAD

foto1gadOn 26 January, 1st GAD group participated in a workshop / talk self, organized by the City of Granollers. The technique of the City Angels Maria Coma, we did a talk on we carry our backpack, where he spoke of emotions, feelings and experiences of each, and then we did a workshop where students had to cover a box with images and phrases that define your personality. It was very interesting and the students have felt very comfortable with the activity.

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Talk to students in vocational training through commercial activities and administrative.

xerrada2aco_gadOn 15 December we visited the Albert Ferré, Mashupmedia i of the Francisco Martin, Van Express, two young entrepreneurs who tell their experience to our students vocational training East Commercial and Administrative Activities.

This exchange of experiences was made possible by PIMEC and its "Catalonia employ" which aims to bring the company closer to young, to publicize the business of the territory and the approximation of their future professional life.

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Talk Josep Maria Lloreda company KH Lloreda


On Thursday 15 ens de Agosto will visit Mr.. Josep Maria Lloreda, director of the company KH Lloreda. Our school, through the Program and Business School Foundation businessmen FEMCAT, He enjoyed a talk to students in Intermediate Vocational Training Activities Commercial and Administrative.

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Visita al Parlament alumnes de 1r ADFI

On 12 de desembre de 2014 the pupils of the Vocational Higher Administration and Finance attended a guided tour of the Parliament of Catalonia.

Durant la visita van poder recórrer les instal·facilities of Parliament and received an explanation of the history and operation of the same. read more

Parent Meeting CFGM -GAD, COM SMX-

more vitalAs the start of every year there is a meeting of parents of vocational training through the day

2 October 2014 a les 19:00 hours


  • Administrative 1st and 2nd year. (GAD)
  • Commerce (COM)
  • Microcomputer Systems and Networks 1st and 2nd year (SMX)