Computers new cycles of Administration and Commerce

T3We just released new notebook!

The course ends but, Students who are thinking Credits and Projects, We acquired ten laptops, As you can see we are already using.
We do not want any student / to remain unattended.
This year we have purchased ten. If all goes well next year more!

Landing innovation: mira diferent

silviamallafreOn 19 February Students of International Trade and Finance and Administration attended the talk that entrepreneur Silvia Mallafré offered at our institute.
The conferenciant, interior designer, has launched an online interior design project that is winning the web. To begin, explained his personal and professional career and noted the importance of social networks, Constancia, Dialogue, Competition and alliances when initiating a new business. He also recommended courses Barcelona Activa, Cibernàrium well as lending and crowdfunding Business Angels.

The Director General of SA visit us Bonpreu

talk_goodOn Friday 14 February, was conducted in our school curriculum and Sign Company, aimed at students of vocational training through Trade and Administrative Management.

For this reason we visited the Sr. Joan Font, CEO of SA Bonpreu that, for one hour and twenty minutes, spoke to the students of the role of business in society and the importance of the values ​​and skills of distinguishing the employer or manager: leadership, discipline, Compromís, Honesty, initiative, team spirit…….

School and Business program has been developed jointly between the Department of Education and FemCat (Federation of Catalan business leaders), and aims to bring students personal experiences of entrepreneurs and help them to see the different aspects of life in the company.