Talk on commercial dynamism

On Tuesday 2 in February they came to visit the commercial promoter of the association of Granollers del Rec al Roc. A very exciting and interesting talk for the second year students of CFGS of Sales Management and Commercial Spaces that we were able to complete with a visit to the city center, where students were able to deal directly with different traders in the area.

You can see more photos from the talk here.

Talk on entrepreneurship

On Monday 1 February, CFGM second-year students in Commercial Activities received a visit from a student at the CFGS Sales and Space Management Center, Miquel Puigpey. They were able to hear the experience of this young entrepreneur and we place this talk within the framework of the project that our students are currently working on Business Creation.

Talks entrepreneurship

Following the transdisciplinary project you are working in the classroom among the first courses CFGM families Trading, administration and computing center, We have come to visit two young entrepreneurs who have told us their experience and how they have managed to make his passion his profession. With a shared history based effort, record, sacrifice and perseverance.
Students showed great interest and participation. read more

Participation in the day of cooperatives

On Wednesday 24 d’Abril, students 2nd Commercial Activities participated in the day of cooperatives five primary schools in the city have organized. Our students made a speech about sales techniques and then went about marketing workshops so that students learn techniques to improve the sales of its products to its cooperative.

You can see more photos of the day here.

Taller “Live Marketing”

this Monday 8 April, students from 2nd 1st and 2nd International Trade Sales Management and Commercial Spaces have conducted the workshop “Live Marketing” organized by the University of Vic. They have done a test product and a packaging designed by the same, Once the facilities have known·University Facilities.