Dinamització de l’Open Night

On 31 de març els alumnes de 2n de CFGM d’Activitats Comercials van participar en l’organització de la dinamització de la Plaça de l’Església com a motiu de l’Open Night que organitza l’Associació Gran Centre Granollers. Va ser una experiència molt positiva per a ells, tot i la pluja, ja que van viure l’organització, el muntatge i la realització d’un esdeveniment d’aquesta mida on van reunir actuacions de ball, màgia i música. read more

3 middle grade students selected for an Erasmus scholarship

erasmus16171Three middle grade students of our institute have been selected to enjoy a scholarship Erasmus to perform their business practices in Albertville, France. They are:

1. Maria Ortega d’ Commercial Activities
2. Yoan counter Microcomputer Services and Networks
3. Enric Julià Microcomputer and Networking Services

March at the end of May will be a month.

For more information visit the website of International Programs: http://intercanvis.iescarlesvallbona.cat/

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Talk Xavier Simon Company INLEA

xerrada_xavier_simo1On Wednesday 16 November we visited Mr.. Xavier Simó, director of l'company INLEA. Our school, through the Program and Business School Foundation businessmen FEMCAT, He enjoyed a talk to students in Intermediate Vocational Training Activities Commercial and Administrative.
The Mister. Xavier Simon introduced us to the path of your company, with its most important customers, and explained his career, and future projects. Our students continue to carefully talk that made Mr.. Xavier Simó, and participated actively.

You can see more photos of the event here.

Fair Guia't 2016

firaguiatA year VET Carles Vallbona has set up a booth at the fair Guia't.

Students average grade of Commercial Activities, participated in the design of the stand during the fair and some students have done business practices.

Explained the cycles taught at the Instituto Carlos Vallbona and how has your experience been in this first year in the world of FP.

Microcomputer Systems students have exhibited some of his work modding, done in class hardware.

Project Buf&from

The 25 November this year, the students trade, made an exit to Barcelona .

The reason for the departure was to surveys by the company practika SL-Sam , que with·We work in market research and have patented a product that they want to enter the market.

The producte is an original scarf, called Buf&from, students and trade do market research. read more