Departure to Barcelona – 2n of GVEC

2nd GVEC students went to Barcelona to study different business strategies in relation to commercial and business establishments in the city center, they have done a good job in the field and also in group cohesion.

Marketable proposals workshop

Friday 7 October 2021 2nd year students in Sales and Commercial Space Management, we had the pleasure of attending the workshop “Presentation of marketable proposals” conducted by trainer Dani Bernard in the coworking classroom of the Institute.
The aim of the workshop is to improve students' communication skills, both oral and written, with an approach that we will develop throughout the school year in all the professional modules and specifically in the project module of Management of sales and commercial spaces.

You can see more images from the workshop here.

Talk on commercial dynamism

On Tuesday 2 in February they came to visit the commercial promoter of the association of Granollers del Rec al Roc. A very exciting and interesting talk for the second year students of CFGS of Sales Management and Commercial Spaces that we were able to complete with a visit to the city center, where students were able to deal directly with different traders in the area.

You can see more photos from the talk here.

Taller “Live Marketing”

this Monday 8 April, students from 2nd 1st and 2nd International Trade Sales Management and Commercial Spaces have conducted the workshop “Live Marketing” organized by the University of Vic. They have done a test product and a packaging designed by the same, Once the facilities have known·University Facilities.

Talk Carlos Sentinel Croda, SADDLE

El dijous 22 Marc, Carles Sentinel, any logistics company Croda IBÉRICA; SADDLE, gave a talk to students in advanced vocational training and Dual Module 2 on CIT “Logistics of a large company and future prospects”. He explained his personal experience as head of department and, above all, skills and attitudes which can offer students as positive points and added value to companies which want to insert. It was very constructive and motivating.

Poster Blood Donation Campaign 2018

The students of the Vocational Higher Sales Management and Commercial Spaces have prepared a poster Blood Donation Campaign 2018 following the methodology Design Thinking we see exhibited in the booth of the fair Guia't.