Marketplace Granollers 2018

Today, Granollers technology market have been several works by students of vocational training in the city of Granollers students between 2nd and 4th ESO ESO.

The institute Carles Vallbona presented two works by students of middle level computer:
The Ferrón Israel presented the draft study implementation of network cabling in Thermal and Daniel Moncho has introduced work-related image, sound and robotics.
The experience has been very enriching and students have answered several questions about what motivated them to study vocational training.

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3 middle grade students selected for an Erasmus scholarship

erasmus16171Three middle grade students of our institute have been selected to enjoy a scholarship Erasmus to perform their business practices in Albertville, France. They are:

1. Maria Ortega d’ Commercial Activities
2. Yoan counter Microcomputer Services and Networks
3. Enric Julià Microcomputer and Networking Services

March at the end of May will be a month.

For more information visit the website of International Programs:

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Drupal workshop

tdrupal1Students Cycle Higher Level Web Application Development (DAW), have conducted a workshop on content management tool Drupal with our center.

This workshop has been possible, thanks to the support·Engineering company working Drauta (, What we have with the·worked with the center in the preparation and delivery of the workshop.





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Erasmus student Multiplatform Application Development Germany again

cofinancedthis Saturday 5 November, student Pablo Blanco cycle higher degree Multiplatform Application Development has become their practices 2 months the company abroad, which has
made possible through a grant Erasmus More. Pablo has been developed erasmus15161cOMPANY Mobivention applicationons with desktop NodeJS i Angular, based frameworks and JavaScript events, ideal for developing app's mobile. It has also been developing mobile applications Ionic, framework based hybrid app's Angle.
The next week will join Pablo 2nd year classes with the rest of his classmates began in September and will certainly put into practice what he learned in Germany!

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