Talks entrepreneurship

Following the transdisciplinary project you are working in the classroom among the first courses CFGM families Trading, administration and computing center, We have come to visit two young entrepreneurs who have told us their experience and how they have managed to make his passion his profession. With a shared history based effort, record, sacrifice and perseverance.
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First training Catskills 2020

The team of the institute cybersecurity Carles Vallbona won the first training Catskills 2020 specializing in Cybersecurity

This year released a new action in preparation for Vocational students for their participation in competitions excel·professional excellence, within the program of the Championships of Catalonia FP, Catskills.

The training of skills 2019 and FP Catalonia Championships, CATSkills 2020, have as main objective the promotion of vocational training through the participation of students in a competition which adds extra motivation in their professional track, and an enriching personal experience. At the same time, the school and the teachers involved in the preparation of students can exchange experiences and establish networks of co·operation between schools and companies involved. read more

cybersecurity Conference

The students participated in the SMX conference cybersecurity organized within the fair guia't.

Marketplace Granollers 2018

Today, Granollers technology market have been several works by students of vocational training in the city of Granollers students between 2nd and 4th ESO ESO.

The institute Carles Vallbona presented two works by students of middle level computer:
The Ferrón Israel presented the draft study implementation of network cabling in Thermal and Daniel Moncho has introduced work-related image, sound and robotics.
The experience has been very enriching and students have answered several questions about what motivated them to study vocational training.

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