Drupal workshop

tdrupal1Students Cycle Higher Level Web Application Development (DAW), have conducted a workshop on content management tool Drupal with our center.

This workshop has been possible, thanks to the support·Engineering company working Drauta (www.drauta.com), What we have with the·worked with the center in the preparation and delivery of the workshop.





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Erasmus student Multiplatform Application Development Germany again

cofinancedthis Saturday 5 November, student Pablo Blanco cycle higher degree Multiplatform Application Development has become their practices 2 months the company abroad, which has
made possible through a grant Erasmus More. Pablo has been developed erasmus15161cOMPANY Mobivention applicationons with desktop NodeJS i Angular, based frameworks and JavaScript events, ideal for developing app's mobile. It has also been developing mobile applications Ionic, framework based hybrid app's Angle.
The next week will join Pablo 2nd year classes with the rest of his classmates began in September and will certainly put into practice what he learned in Germany!

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A group of students of the Institute Carlos Vallbona national programming contest

Programame_madrid_1516_1Alexandre L'Busquests, Roberto Navarro i Gerson Ramírez, Known as the ProgramaMe “Children of the atom”, were the representatives of our school programming contest organized by state teachers of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

In this edition gathered 21 Equipment institutes throughout Spain. It is an event that gets more important every year and that teachers and students praise for both your organization and the level of the participating groups.

As stated Roberto Navarro, “This competition has been a very special experience and definitely would return to repeat. Go to capital, to know the best programmers around Spain higher level and compete against them was spectacular ". Clearly the previous phases are special but also had the opportunity to be one of the best universities in the computer it was magnificent. read more

Visita de l'institut alemany Adolf Kolping Berufskolleg de Horrem

visita_insti_alemany1the past 13 i 14 April Coordination of Mobility hosted representatives of the German institute Adolf Kolping vocational school City Horrem, prop Cologne. The aim of the meeting was to establish contacts for future projects’Erasmus . The German Institute offers, as our institute, vocational training computer and is ready to welcome our students to realize their business practices (FCT). Similarly, is expected next year 2017 we welcome 2 German students to carry out their work placement Monkeys Granollers, who is willing to get involved in the project. That's why, also, they visited the company and was interviewed for specific tasks best students will be able to perform. We want to thank the support·working selflessly Company Monkeys.


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Fotos de l’event HP Code Wars

hp1On 5 March was held programming contest HP CodeWars.

Today we make a hands Link to photos the event and you can see the great festive atmosphere that are competitive-lived.

Our teams have a good time and strived to do well. Despite not win any awards programming contest, one of the groups reached a final raffle latest printers. Congratulations!!

You can see more photos of the teams that participated here.

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workshop Tools 2.0 i Appinventor per a professors italians

app222On Wednesday 9 March Institute hosted a group of Italian professors who were interested in our work methodology and wanted to see first hand how we organize the institute. The Italian teachers came thanks to a scholarship Erasmus KA1 ICT CHALLENGES IN LEARNING MOBILITY gestionada for CENTRAL SCHOOL EDUCATION i amb with the·operation of the Department of Education of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

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“Children of the atom” We represent the regional competition programame

Domjudge1On Wednesday 17 February was held for the first time an activity program with automatic resolution fully realized in the center.

Two students of second ASIX, Alex Torregrosa and Daniel Fernandez, made the first big test of his final project cycle. this, This program used to be called DomJudge contests programming that is able to automatically correct programming exercises. Its purpose is to make a ranking of the fastest contestants in time and effectiveness. As a result we chose the group we represent the official competition this year ProgramaMe.
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