workshop Tools 2.0 i Appinventor per a professors italians

app222On Wednesday 9 March Institute hosted a group of Italian professors who were interested in our work methodology and wanted to see first hand how we organize the institute. The Italian teachers came thanks to a scholarship Erasmus KA1 ICT CHALLENGES IN LEARNING MOBILITY gestionada for CENTRAL SCHOOL EDUCATION i amb with the·operation of the Department of Education of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

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“Children of the atom” We represent the regional competition programame

Domjudge1On Wednesday 17 February was held for the first time an activity program with automatic resolution fully realized in the center.

Two students of second ASIX, Alex Torregrosa and Daniel Fernandez, made the first big test of his final project cycle. this, This program used to be called DomJudge contests programming that is able to automatically correct programming exercises. Its purpose is to make a ranking of the fastest contestants in time and effectiveness. As a result we chose the group we represent the official competition this year ProgramaMe.
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Croatian students and teacher in our school

US flag-Erasmus + _vect_POSIn the framework of an Erasmus project, our school has hosted for two weeks 4 students from the Croatian school School Futura. They have attended a workshop of Introduction to Android in which they have learned how to develop their first app through games. They have joined the normal classes of second year of Cross Applications Development with the teacher Olga Schlüter. An intensive workshop of AppInventor with teacher José María Valera has also been scheduled with the students of croacia2Microcomputers services and networks whom we thank their collaboration.
Besides our students of Web Applications Development have followed the workshop of Laravel taught by the Croatian teacher Ivan Domazet who has also travelled with his students. Laravel is a free and open-source PHP framework which follows the Model-View-Controller architecture and it is very popular among web developers.

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Participation in the 1st. HP CodeWars Edition

IMG-20150307-WA0058Last Saturday 7 took place in January HP company located in Sant Cugat the first edition of the competition in Europe CodeWars HP programming aimed at students 14 a 18 years.


In total participation throughout Catalonia was 300 Students divided into 100 Three groups of students belonging to 16 Institute. As a peculiarity, This contest was made when HP Newcastle and projected live participants there were fewer, but equally motivated to program.

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IVª trobada d’ex-alumnes de Desenvolupament d’Aplicacions Web i Desenvolupament d’Aplicacions Informàtiques

descargaEl passat divendres 10 d’octubre es va celebrar a la biblioteca de l’institut la IVª trobada d’ex-alumnes dels cicles superiors de Desenvolupament d’Aplicacions Web i Informàtica. Alumnes de diferents promocions van intercanviar opinions i experiències, either professional or research. Els alumnes de primer curs de DAW i DAM van estar convidats a escoltar les recomanacions i els comentaris que els seus ex-companys els van oferir, així com a plantejar dubtes o altres qüestions que els poguéssiu ajudar en la seva carrera professional. Donem les gràcies als ex-alumnes voluntaris que van assistir a l’acte.

Parent Meeting CFGM -GAD, COM SMX-

more vitalAs the start of every year there is a meeting of parents of vocational training through the day

2 October 2014 a les 19:00 hours


  • Administrative 1st and 2nd year. (GAD)
  • Commerce (COM)
  • Microcomputer Systems and Networks 1st and 2nd year (SMX)

Talk of IT professionals

viewOn 10 April advanced vocational training of students in Web Application Development (DAW) i Multiplataforma (DAM) attended the lecture of computer professionals. The speakers were : read more