Advisory Service and Recognition of learning acquired through work experience (2020-2021)

Sol·Applications Advice :

The period for the sun·applications is 17 to the 25 September 2020

The sun·of the Advice service must be made electronically by e-mail to the Advice and Recognition Coordinator: advice

Assessment calendar_2020-2021

Full sun·application Advice


Sol·Recognition Applications :

The period for the sun·applications is from 1 to 15 October 2020

The sun·recognition service must be made electronically by e-mail to the Counseling and Recognition Coordinator: recognition

Recognition calendar_October_2020

Full Sun·application service recognition

Admitted to the counseling service

All persons who have applied·asked the advisory service have been admitted.

Wednesday 3 October is a briefing of the advisory service 18:30 school hours (lack determine classroom)

Advisory Service: Allowed list (September 2017)

All persons who have submitted the application·demand for advisory services work experience have been accepted.

The deadline for registration service, submission of documents and payment of public money is of 5 to the 10 October 2017, inclusive.

Documents to be submitted to the secretariat of the institute:

  • Inscription service advisory
  • Proof of payment of the public price (60€)

Opening hours púlbic Secretariat:

Mornings: Monday to Friday 10:00 a 13:00 h

Evenings: Monday and Tuesday 16:00 a 18:30 h / Wednesday and Thursday 16:00 a 17:00 h


S’oferten 6 places for each of the following cycles:

Family Administration and Finance,,ca,Administrative management CFGM,,ca,CFGS Administration and Finance,,ca,Family of trade and marketing,,ca,Commercial activities CFGM,,ca,International trade CFGS,,ca,CFGS Management sales and commercial spaces,,ca,CFGS Transport i logística,,en,Family of Informatics and Communications,,ca,CFGM microcomputer systems and networks,,ca,CFGS systems information network,,ca,CFGS Application Development platform,,ca,CFGS Web Application Development,,ca,distributions curriculum,,ca,Family Administration and Finance,,ca

CFGM Gestió administrativa

CFGS Administració i finances

Família de comerç i màrqueting

CFGM Activitats comercials

CFGS Comerç internacional

CFGS Gestió de vendes i espais comercials

CFGS Transport i logística

Família d’Informàtica i comunicacions

CFGM Sistemes microinformàtics i xarxes

CFGS Administració de sistemes informàtics en xarxes

CFGS Desenvolupament d’aplicacions multiplataforma

CFGS Desenvolupament d’aplicacions web