Croatian students and teacher in our school

US flag-Erasmus + _vect_POSIn the framework of an Erasmus project, our school has hosted for two weeks 4 students from the Croatian school School Futura. They have attended a workshop of Introduction to Android in which they have learned how to develop their first app through games. They have joined the normal classes of second year of Cross Applications Development with the teacher Olga Schlüter. An intensive workshop of AppInventor with teacher José María Valera has also been scheduled with the students of croacia2Microcomputers services and networks whom we thank their collaboration.
Besides our students of Web Applications Development have followed the workshop of Laravel taught by the Croatian teacher Ivan Domazet who has also travelled with his students. Laravel is a free and open-source PHP framework which follows the Model-View-Controller architecture and it is very popular among web developers.

Moreover some visits to IT enterprises have been planned such as Monkeys and the start-up Camaleon Systems group both in Granollers. Not only they have explained us the different projects they are working in but also shown their facilities. Last, we also want to thank the reception of Labour Municipal School Granollers who welcomed the Croatian visitors and also guided a visit through their laboratories and workshops.
It is planned that our teacher Olga Schlüter will travel to Croatia to teach Visual Studio programming through games to the students of Skola Futura in Zagreb. We wish to thank again all the people who help to make this project possible.
You will find more photos of their stage on here and can have a look at our International projects web site:

Croatia3Students and teachers in our school Croatia

As part of a project Erasmus +, Our school has hosted for two weeks 4 Croatian School students School Futura. Attended a workshop on Introduction to Android in which they learned how to develop your first application through games. That's why, have been incorporated into regular classes sophomore Multiplatform Application Development with Olga Schlüter. It has also scheduled a workshop Intensive’AppInventor with Professor José María Valera and students Microcomputer Services and Networks who appreciate their help·working.


In addition, Our students have followed Desenvolupamentd'Aplicacions Web Laravel workshop taught by Professor Ivan Domazet Croatia has also traveled with his students. Laravel is a PHP framework of free and open source architecture that follows the Model-View-Controller and is very popular among web developers.
Moreover some visits have been planned as computer companies Monkeys i la start-up Camaleon Systems group, both Granollers. Not only do we have explained the different projects that are working, but also have taught their facility·Facilities. Finally, we also want to thank you for the reception of’Labour Municipal School Granollers who welcomed visitors to Croatia and guided us through his laboratory and workshops.
It is expected that the teacher in our school Olga Schlüter travel to Croatia to teach programming in Visual Studio to students through games of Futura Skola Zagreb. We want to thank again the efforts of all those who made this project possible.
You can find more photos of their stay in this link and invite you to take a look at the website of international projects: