Students of commercial co,,ca,Great work with the Association Center Granollers decorating the windows for St. George,,ca,Students Intermediate Cycle of Commercial Activities are co,,ca,working with partner institutions in Gran Center Granollers decorating the windows with fragments of the work and the life of Ramon Llull,,ca·laboren amb l’Associació Gran Centre Granollers decorant els aparadors per Sant Jordi

aparador1Els alumnes del Cicle de Grau mitjà d’Activitats Comercials estan col·laborant amb els establiments associats a Gran Centre Granollers decorant els aparadors amb fragments de l’obra i la vida de Ramon Llull.

The activity Words on glass. Llull, is an activity organized by the Catalan Service, the Granollers Grand Center Association and the Granollers City Council Culture Service and consists of writing small fragments of Llull’s work on shop windows, the mirrors and walls of the associated establishments.


The event took place on Tuesday 12 and on Friday 15 April through the streets of Granollers and these will be written throughout the second half of the month. Our students are very ill·excited about this activity as they take advantage of the knowledge acquired in class by putting it into practice in the establishments of their city.