Is understood to value academic recognition to official certified by the competent entity.

to order·seek validation person must be enrolled in the training course any module of a professional title LOE; so, must have the requisite access.

The validation related titles LOE take effect numerical note 5 to obtain the average grade of the cycle.

For more information:

For titles LOE, consult Order ECD / 2159/2014, of 7 of November (BOE 281)

Summary, based DR LOE title you can find at the address:



Advise the student / to ask about validations can depending on your circumstances
Hang in the classroom tutoring instance that the student must fill out / in
Review the documentation of the student / a before delivered to the Secretary of center

Baixar-se de l'classroom sun instance Tutoring·form and fill it.

Lowering classroom Tutoring Sheet Report validation and fill it.
Provide the necessary documentation (Photocopy of the original) as validation that requires.

Show documentation tutor / delivering it to the Secretariat of the Centre.

  • Office Hours: Mornings 10:30 a 13:00h. Evenings 15:00 a 16:00h

Documentació to contribute:
Model Request for·convalidació lawful to the Director of the Centre.
Model validation report calling for a Department of Education DGFP (if applicable)
Original and photocopy of Certificate of Title, sun·legality of títol, certificate qualifications, subject programs studied, etc..

En tot cas, must be documented everything that motivates the request for validation.

Resolution: Will be sent to the student / tutor through aa / a.