Students in vocational training performed a training module on business in accordance with a training plan specifically designed for each student jointly by his tutor at the Institute and his mentor in the company.

Module Professional Training Workplace (FCT) performed at the end of the training cycle and represents 25% of the teaching of these studies.

Establish criteria for solving the exemption, Total or partial, FCT for students certifying work experience and / or training experience.

The duration of practical training in the workplace will be established by the curriculum of each training cycle.

Microcomputer Systems and Networks 350 hours
Administrative 350 hours
Commercial Activities 350 hours
Network Management Systems 317 hours
Web Application Development 317 hours
Application Development Platform 317 hours
Commerce International 350 hours
Administration and Finance 350 hours
Sales Management and Commercial Spaces 350 hours
Transport and Logistics 350 hours

Attendance is up 4 hours a day if you combine the practical with the activity in the center or up to 7 hours a day if they are intensively.

The assessment of credit training in the workplace is performed based on the results of learning and training activities, for each training cycle, established in the decree establishing the curriculum. The evaluation of the FCT will be continuous, during the stay of the student / in the company.

Training in workplace is described with a single rating formulated in terms of APT / A or unfit / A.

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