“Children of the atom” We represent the regional competition programame

Domjudge1On Wednesday 17 February was held for the first time an activity program with automatic resolution fully realized in the center.

Two students of second ASIX, Alex Torregrosa and Daniel Fernandez, made the first big test of his final project cycle. this, This program used to be called DomJudge contests programming that is able to automatically correct programming exercises. Its purpose is to make a ranking of the fastest contestants in time and effectiveness. As a result we chose the group we represent the official competition this year ProgramaMe.
The activity involved 17 Higher level groups first computer (ASIX, DAM i DAW), or what is the same, 48 Students in our school. Everyone they can enjoy an educational activity that shunned the classroom environment to enjoy programming in a different way.

The ProgramaMe is a statewide contest in participating private and public schools. It consists of two phases, a Catalunya, The first takes place this year on Terrace 16 March. There you will be!!.
All and all it was doing very well, this time the best were three groups: “Ops!”, “SystemHalted” i “Children of the atom”. Our representatives will be Alexander Busquets, Roberto Navarro i Gerson Eduardo Ramírez, Components “Children of the atom”.

link the ProgramaMe Terrassa.