III Conference on entrepreneurship and business

Last week, of 28 May to 1 June took place Third Conference Business and Entrepreneurship Institute Carlos Vallbona Granollers, aimed at students of Intermediate Vocational Training of Administrative and Commercial Activities.
The conference was a success, starting Monday 28 May with the presentation of Challenge How to Revitalize the Rock Village. After presenting the challenge to students, came the Can Muntanyola, where we explained how to make a business plan. Then the Association Mundus, workshops made fun of group dynamics where students enjoyed very.
on 29 of maig, we made an exit and we visited Mataro Park, where students could observe different options as boosting Roca Village, and then we went to see the Rock Village, challenge where participants could see where they could co·put your business idea, and could make different questions users.
Wednesday 30 of maig, we had a talk Mas Service Company, where we were able to tell a very different business model and innovative, and the students were able to take ideas. After the talk ended up working groups to prepare the challenge.
El dijous 31 of maig, we had a discussion of the Company Agora, it was very interesting for students. these 2 talks to us facilitated businessmen from PIMEC Vallès Oriental. Then the students make presentations of the various proposals How to Revitalize the Rock Village, and they have very interesting projects.
Finally, June 1, the students go to Port Aventura to end the days of entrepreneurship and business and academic 2017/2018.

You can see more photos of the event here.