Registration and submission of documents (Service Recognition)

Once the center publishes the list of allowed to be presented, the secretary of the center, within four working days, The following documents:

  • Inscription (Download it here)
  • Photocopy of passport or equivalent document accompanied by the original verification.
  • Assessment report or equivalent.
  • Received the price of admission. (Download document Banking)
  • Documentary proof of exemption or rebate of the fee, if applicable.
  • Documentation requirements for proof of work experience:
    • a) People who work as salaried
      • Working Life, original and updated.
      • A certificate from the company stating the duration of the contract, the activities and duration of activities.
    • b) People who work as independent
      • Certified General Treasury of the Social Security or mutuality corresponding labor.
      • Liquidation of the business tax.
      • Personal statement of the activities.



Mornings 10,00 h a 13,00 h.
Monday and Tuesday evenings: of 16 a 18,30 hours.
Wednesday and Thursday evenings: of 16 a 17 hours.
Friday afternoon: Closed.