Informative seminar on the project Erasmus The New Literacy Set,,ca,March was organized in our school an informative seminar on the project Erasmus ,,ca,working with cross-cutting activities in the areas of communication,,ca,information and finances,,ca,through games,,ca,one,,de,cabbage and methodologies,,ca,laborativa project,,ca,seeks help strengthen both the position of students in the labor market and promote their personal growth,,ca,These workshops developed by the project can be downloaded free from,,ca,,,pt,moodle,,en,and were made available to teachers attending,,ca,who came from all over Catalonia and were of different specialties,,ca,Italian teachers visit the school Carles Vallbona,,ca,On Tuesday,,ca

On Thursday 23 de març es va organitzar al nostre institut una jornada divulgativa sobre el projecte Erasmus “The New Literacy Set”, que treballa amb activitats transversals en les àrees de comunicació, informació i finances. Mitjançant jocs, eines 2.0 i metodologies col·laboratives el projecte persegueix ajudar a enfortir tant la posició dels alumnes en el mercat laboral com fomentar el seu creixement personal. Aquests workshops elaborats pel projecte es poden baixar de manera gratuita des de i es van posar a disposició dels professors assistents, que venien d’arreu de Catalunya i eren de diferents especialitats.

Some of these activities were put into practice so that teachers could experience first hand how students interact with the materials.. In this way, attendees were able to understand and reflect on how these activities can be implemented and adapted to tutoring sessions., specific subjects or other institute projects.

In addition, during the day, debates were promoted on the influences that affect students ’learning and soft-skills.. Of the’Joan Brossa Institute, the Tatiana Soler explained to us the project they are carrying out with the intermediate degree cycle of Commercial Activities. The schedule of this cycle has been modified in order to be able to work on transversal activities of exactly the same type as the project “The New Literacy Set” has been elaborating.

Finally, two activities were carried out:
  1. Spaghetti tower team building
  2. Sensory language

Here are the presentations used at the event:

  1. Presentation of the project
  2. CLIL presentation
  3. Presentation of Transversal Activities of the Joan Brossa Institute
List of activities developed by the project:
In the area of ​​communication:
  1. Increased self-awareness of communication (self-criticism)

  2. Active listening

  3. Argumentative communication

  4. The importance of new technologies in self-presentation and relationships with others

  5. Teamwork (cooperative learning)

  6. Verbal communication

  7. The fear of public speaking

  8. Label in communication

  9. Communication to families

  10. Communication with the authority

  11. Assertiveness in communication

  12. Empathy

  13. Critical thinking and critical approach to the media

  14. mediation

  15. Non-verbal communication

The topics covered in the information area are:

  1. Finding information

  2. Advanced searches

  3. How to organize information

  4. Reading comprehension

  5. Use of information

  6. Graphic analysis and creation

  7. Analysis and creation of maps

  8. Evaluation of information

  9. Creation of structured information

  10. Creating information online

  11. Usability

  12. Intellectual property

  13. How to protect information

  14. Use of social networks

  15. Information senses

As for the issues to be worked on in the area of ​​finance:

  1. Bank account management

  2. Payment methods

  3. Loans and mortgages

  4. The role of banks today

  5. Operations and future of stock exchanges

  6. Stock market simulation

  7. Personal finance management

  8. Health insurance and pension plans

  9. How to draw up a business plan

  10. Taxes

  11. Psychological approach and behavior towards money

  12. Online shopping: security and responsibility

  13. Financial marketing

  14. Basket of products in different countries

  15. Professions in the financial sector

as well as the institute’s international projects website: