Sol·Applications Advice 2021 about professional experience

The period for the sun·applications is 22 to the 31 of January of 2021

The training cycles that the center can advise from January 2021 are:

Professional Administration Family:

  • CFGM Gestió administrativa

Computer and communication professional family:

  • CFGS Networked Computer Systems Administration
  • CFGS Multiform Application Development
  • CFGS Web Application Development

The sun·of the Advice service must be made electronically by e-mail to the Advice and Recognition Coordinator:


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Full sun·application Advice

Solidarity Christmas Project

CFGM second year students of Commercial Activities would like to thank you for your help and cooperation in our Solidarity Christmas project this year..
Together we have made possible the collection of toys and money by the Oncovallés Foundation, the collection of food for the Cypress and money for the TV3 Marathon of this edition dedicated to the fight against the Covid-19.
Thank you so much for the trust.
Merry Christmas 2020.

You can see more photos of the project here.

Draw for the solidarity basket

On Thursday 17 from December to 13:00The draw for the solidarity basket among all the numbers sold in favor of this year’s TV3 Marathon by Covid-19 took place at the entrance to the institute..
The number selected was 13 and the winner was a student at the 1st year CFGM Center for Administrative Management.

You can see more photos from the draw here.

Oncovallés and Cypress talk

El passat dia 3 December, the Oncovallés Foundation and the Cyprus Foundation have held an online talk, to our 2nd year students of CFGM of Commercial Activities so that we know first hand the operation and the way of working of these entities. Currently, our students are working on the Solidarity Christmas Project, that col·we work together with these foundations.
Despite the lack of presence, the experience of this meeting has been very positive for our students and has helped them to make their project a reality.

You can see more photos from the talk here.

School cooperatives

El passat dia 27 November, our 2nd year students of CFGM of Commercial Activities participated in the project of School Cooperatives that is organized through the city council of Granollers.
The aim is for our students to help 5th and 6th grade students from some schools in the city to work on aspects related to their business creation project..

You can see more photos of the event here.

Presentation of the Consumer Arbitration Board

Today 17 November 2020, the students of 2nd GVEC have participated in a presentation with Mr.. Xavier Sánchez Moragas, President of the Consumer Arbitration Board of Mataró. A very useful talk where we talked about commercial arbitration, conflicts arising from consumption, consumer rights and ways to resolve them judicially and extrajudicially.