Departure from CVEC and MIP at the Mataró Rowing Club

The 2nd GVEC and 2nd MIP students went to the Port of Mataró at the Mataró Rowing Club for a group cohesion outing.

It has been a great experience. The participants had a great time and enjoyed a different day with the goal of enjoying themselves and getting to know each other a little more.

Sensory marketing workshop for Commercial Activities students

On Monday 3 October, 1st and 2nd year CFGM Commercial Activities students participated in a sensory marketing workshop.

The activity was organized by Sandra Iruela, perfumer, olfactory and sensory marketing consultancy for companies, expert in the design of personalized perfumes and professor of perfumery courses.

It was a really interesting experience for the students.

Erasmus+ for students of Secondary Education Cycles

4 students of Carles Vallbona i 2 from the Parc Estudi center have traveled to Barcelos, Portugal, to practice for a month at a company in your sector. We hope you really enjoy the experience!

You can see more photos of the stay here.


Advisory Service and Recognition of learning acquired through work experience (2022-2023)

Sol·Applications Advice:

The period for the sun·applications is 17 to the 24 September 2022

The sun·The advisory service must be carried out in person.

calendar advice 2022-2023

Full sun·application Advice


Sol·Recognition Applications:

The period for the sun·applications is from 1 to 15 October 2022

The sun·Recognition service must be carried out in person.

October Calendar recognition 2022

Full Sun·application service recognition

Visit to the Marenostrum supercomputer – 1r d’SMX

Monday 30 of May the first year students of SMX visited the Mare Nostrum, one of the most powerful supercomputers in Europe and is physically located inside the chapel of the Girona Tower, al BSC Barcelona Supercomputing Center.
More than 700 experts and professionals in research and development, participating in major European high-performance computing initiatives. Among the projects that have been explained to us are those of big data and simulation to make climate predictions, improve engine performance and aerodynamics, study of genomes and molecules to understand how different diseases develop and collaborate in the development of vaccines for HIV or the Coronavirus.
The place is spectacular: between the modern buildings and the garden of the BSC and the Girona chapel, and its entire interior is occupied by the supercomputer: arranged in corridors we observe the cooling, storage towers and process units, which in this case are interconnected by more than 100 Km of fiber optics and they can work together as if they were a single machine.

To see more photos of the outing go here.



This April we started the RV_Didáctica project: wireless classrooms (WIFI 6) for Virtual Reality, and NO CODE application for simple development of collaborative content.

Next year we will enjoy a fully immersive classroom for VR experiences at our institute.

For more information go to the following link.

DUAL FP conference 2022

Today 11 May 2022 we attended the FP DUAL Conference, an opportunity for companies, It was a very interesting day and we carried out benchmarking and were able to talk and make contacts with the Granollers centers and with the companies that came to the day. The Town Council of Granollers has recognized the companies that have Dual students from the educational centers of the city of Granollers.

You can see more photos of the day here link.