Participation of Vallbona in the I Mostra ImpulsFP the days 12, 13 i 14 of maig

We will share experiences between students and teachers and the entrepreneurial and innovation capacity of Vocational Training in Catalonia will be rewarded.
There will be different round tables throughout these days, where teachers and students will explain good practices that are carried out in schools.

Marta Fernández and Fàtima Graupera take part as teachers, and have selected 3 projects that we will bring to competition.
One of the projects is the winner of the 1st edition of transdisciplinary VET projects in Vallbona. The other two are 2nd from the CFGM of Commercial Activities, a project on the Retail Tour of Granollers and Canovelles and a project of School Cooperatives, worked together with the Granollers City Council.

We don’t know if our students will win or not the final prize, but they will surely learn a lot and it will be a good opportunity to demonstrate some of the work done in the classroom and the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the cycle.

transdisciplinary project
School cooperative project
Projecte Retail Tour

New educational project

We take advantage of St. George's Day to launch the new educational project of the center. PEC del Vallbona.
It is the framework strategic document that defines the functioning of the school institution in the curricular field, pedagogical and organizational, which adapts to its own objectives, to the reality of our educational community and the environment.