FP Erasmus students go to Italy and Slovenia

Laura, William i l'Ot, d’SMX, Gerard CIT and DAW have left Alberto de Erasmus Arezzo (Italy) Sunday.













I la Sònia, Pau and Ariadne CIT, Guillem of SMX and Jose GAD have gone to Maribor (Slovenia).













They will do their internship in Slovenian and Italian companies under the Erasmus + and with the support of the Department of Education and the Spanish Service for the Internationalization of Education (soap).

Participation in the Challenge Tour of Catalonia

Students of 1st and 2nd of CFGS Sales Management and Commercial Spaces are participating from January two challenges driven by the company and Catalonia Circuit Inductive. Two groups involved in the challenge of improving waste management and a group how to improve the experience of their visits. You just need the final presentation which will take place on 7 June the same circuit, Good Luck!

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Participation in the Open Night Granollers

For the third consecutive year the students of the 2nd CFGM commercial activities involved in organizing the revitalization of Church Square to coincide with the Open Night organized by the Association Gran Center Granollers. Our students were able to see and experience the operation of organizing an event of this kind made from the design to the promotion of the event. We want to thank Grand Center and let us join in their collective GraJove·working.

You can see more photos of the event here.

Talk of the Consumer Arbitration Board

On 25 April 1st GVEC students had the honor of having the President in the middle of the Consumer Arbitration Board Mataro, Mr. Francesc Xavier Moragas Sanchez and told us extrajudicial methods of consumer, arbitration and mediation, very interesting project for students is working on solving a case of consumer.

Participation in the day of cooperatives

On Wednesday 24 d’Abril, students 2nd Commercial Activities participated in the day of cooperatives five primary schools in the city have organized. Our students made a speech about sales techniques and then went about marketing workshops so that students learn techniques to improve the sales of its products to its cooperative.

You can see more photos of the day here.

project: My stop Sant Jordi

2GAD students have come to see stands selling roses florists Granollers. They are doing a project "My stall Sant Jordi", which simulate assembly, the budget and the organization of a stand.
During the walk through the different stands have been observed, photograph and ask florists, any doubt about its stand.
Good Saint George!