Departure at Apple Store – 2n ACO

/ The students in the second commercial activities in the computer module M09 made Monday, day 26 February, a solution to the Apple Store Machinist. There could attend explanations about Apple computer equipment and a technical talk about video editing.

You can see more photos of the exit here.

Innovation and entrepreneurship workshops with the Caixafòrum 2GAD

On Thursday 22 February, students in second administrative attended two workshops at the CaixaForum in Barcelona.
The first workshop was to bring students to the concept of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs, considering challenges from everyday life, Canvas approach to model for well-known products.
They also participated in a workshop called “short distance”, where students talk to a specialist about three art works of contemporary art. This workshop worked observations, reflection, those asking questions, have a different view or have a different look and attitude, a situation “unusual”.
It was very interesting and the students participated very actively. Here are some pictures from the exit.

You can see more photos of the exit here.

Taller de Symfony

Students in 2nd DAW these days participate in a workshop for beginners in web development framework “Symfony”. The center offers our company which Infojic Granollers appreciate your help·working.

Dismantling and assembling computers SMX

Within the training cycle through microcomputer systems and networks (SMX), in the last month and a half, We completed the assembly and disassembly of the unit training computers 3 hardware.

We have seen the internal components of a computer and how to set it correctly.

Exit Fedefarma

Today 14 February 1st Students International Trade and Transportation and Logistics have visited the store in Gava FEDEFARMA. We have taught the whole process of distribution of pharmaceutical products through its automated warehouse. It was a very informative visit in which we learned many new things and have established the theoretical knowledge of logistics approaching them to actually work. read more

Talk about undertaking international business – 2we CIT

El dijous 8 February, Oriol Domenech, Manager and owner of the company Maxisalt, SL Granollers, gave a talk to students and Modules Dual 2nd CIT. He explained the motivations, objectives and requirements to undertake, and more specifically starting a business with an international. He emphasized three requirements:

1.- English.
2.- English and
3. English.

It was really interesting. We made short.