High school window decoration

CFGM 2nd year students from Commercial Activities have prepared a very cool showcase to celebrate All Saints ’Day.

Emotional dynamization workshop: problem solving

GAD 2nd year students, they have participated in a dynamic workshop by Marc Amorós, where they have tried to find solutions to problems of the students themselves. The problems had been written to them anonymously. So it was possible to work on the group awareness of their problems and at the same time, together look for possible solutions.
The workshop has been very well received by the students. Thanks to Marc, her job!!!

Visit to the Dragons store

El dijous 28 In October, the 2nd year students of the CFGS of Sales and Commercial Space Management visited the Dracs store in Granollers and we had the pleasure of having a talk with Amadeu Barbany on responsible consumption, sustainable and about conscious trade.

Delivery of Erasmus + student diplomas

On Thursday 14 The delivery took place in the Francesc Tarafa room in Granollers in October, by the City Council, of diplomas accrediting the scholarships awarded to the students of the center that participated in the Erasmus + program 20/21.
These students of training cycles, both intermediate and advanced grade, have done internships between 1 i 2 months in companies in Arezzo (Italy), Maribor (Slovenia) and Sligo (Ireland).


Departure to Barcelona – 2n of GVEC

2nd GVEC students went to Barcelona to study different business strategies in relation to commercial and business establishments in the city center, they have done a good job in the field and also in group cohesion.

Practical workshop on Trends

On Wednesday 6 October, CFGM 1st and 2nd year students of Commercial Activities were able to take part in a practical workshop on Trends led by the professional Daniel Domecq from the company Sartia. The assessment of the seminar was very positive by all participants, because they know firsthand, how the market trends today and everything will be in stores soon.

Marketable proposals workshop

Friday 7 October 2021 2nd year students in Sales and Commercial Space Management, we had the pleasure of attending the workshop “Presentation of marketable proposals” conducted by trainer Dani Bernard in the coworking classroom of the Institute.
The aim of the workshop is to improve students' communication skills, both oral and written, with an approach that we will develop throughout the school year in all the professional modules and specifically in the project module of Management of sales and commercial spaces.

You can see more images from the workshop here.