The Board complements the FP + three Erasmus students Vallbona

On 19 April, in the Plenary Hall of the City, the Council of the FP Granollers delivered three students of our school a complement to the Erasmus + for placement professionals in Maribor (Slovenia).


This supplement is given to facilitate these placements abroad since the Erasmus + for students of higher grade cycles are poorly equipped financially.


They have received the complement of the Erasmus +’Aleix Vilaró and Donaire i Ariadna Garcia Segura, del cicle de Gestió de vendes i espais comercials i Nadia Boix, del cicle d’Administració i Finances.


Departure at Barcelona Activa – 2n GAD

On 24 April, 2nd GAD students visited Barcelona Activa space to perform 2 interesting workshops face the future:

– Management of the job interview
– The job

Now we are finishing the cycle and some of them consider entering the labor market soon, These activities are necessary and are very enriching.

Marketplace Granollers 2018

Today, Granollers technology market have been several works by students of vocational training in the city of Granollers students between 2nd and 4th ESO ESO.

The institute Carles Vallbona presented two works by students of middle level computer:
The Ferrón Israel presented the draft study implementation of network cabling in Thermal and Daniel Moncho has introduced work-related image, sound and robotics.
The experience has been very enriching and students have answered several questions about what motivated them to study vocational training.

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How the Temporary Employment Agencies and which may be useful for students of vocational training?

By Synergie (Granollers delegation): Modest Bosch i Cristina Soto

The ETT can offer many job opportunities for students who are motivated and prepared to enter the professional world, but it is necessary to know how and which meet business needs, to be aware of what is needed and how the profile, the students, may have opportunities to get jobs that can be useful while studying, as summer jobs, or in preparation for access, little by little, higher level jobs.

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project: My stall Sant Jordi

2GAD students have come to see stands selling roses florists Granollers. They are doing a project "My stall Sant Jordi", which simulate assembly, the budget and the organization of a stand.
During the walk through the different stands have been observed, photograph and ask florists, any doubt about its stand.
Good Saint George!

Day Live Marketing Vic

Wednesday 18 April 2nd CIT students, 2n d’ADFI, 2n GVEC and 2nd TIL attended the Day Live Marketing Vic organized by the University of Vic, conducted a study of blind test cookies that tested four kinds of brands of cookies that are sold in the market without knowing beforehand brands, making an assessment of each product, they also value the envelope and did an activity for groups on packaging. It was a fun day.

You can see more photos of the day here.

Visit the Scientific Information Port

Students in the CFGM Microcomputer Systems and Networks visited Scientific Information Port, situated on the Bellaterra campus of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. PIC infrastructure part of the CERN grid (CERN), dedicated, among other projects, edge research in particle physics.

Like this, Students have seen in operation the infrastructure necessary to process gigantic volumes of data that come from cabbage·collide particles generated at the LHC (Large Hadron Collider).

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