Participation in the 1st. HP CodeWars Edition

IMG-20150307-WA0058Last Saturday 7 took place in January HP company located in Sant Cugat the first edition of the competition in Europe CodeWars HP programming aimed at students 14 a 18 years.


In total participation throughout Catalonia was 300 Students divided into 100 Three groups of students belonging to 16 Institute. As a peculiarity, This contest was made when HP Newcastle and projected live participants there were fewer, but equally motivated to program.

The Institute Carlos Vallbona participated in this competition with students half cycle computer (SMX) accompanied Tome and Peace Francesca Carmona, Professor of Computer.


The groups were as follows:

First grup:


Oscar Latorre (1SMX)

Jaime Garcia Jurado (1SMX)

ADAM Carballo Romero(2SMX)







Second group:


Carla Gonzalez Samon (2SMX)

Roberto Navarro Morales (2SMX)

Venting Iván Martín (2SMX)








Third grup:


Edgar Fusté Culla (2SMX)

Josep Serra Pocurull (2SMX)

Paola Perez Muñoz (2SMX)








The competition consisted of solving 22 problems in three hours less to more difficulties. then, while the judges corrected the problems and decided the winners / s, we went to lunch around HP enterprise enjoying a sunny day and the towers of San Cugat.



Despite our students did not achieve any of the three prizes or sweepstakes that haverhi, they managed to pass a charm, they meet other students from other schools, visited the facility∙and facilities of the latest HP printers, Niagara particular printer that made a small demo left us all speechless!


We hope to participate in the second edition of the competition next year because it brings much experience to the students and teachers have been happy to participate in improving the skills towards programming basics.