Política de qualitat

The Institute Carlos Vallbona is a school of the Generalitat of Catalonia has implemented a management model based on ISO 9001 and model excel·excellence e2cat, seeking continuous improvement in the quality of education, so its performance should be in accordance with current regulations and requirements established by the educational administration.


Ensures updating the syllabus and learning methodologies, as well as the maintenance and improvement of facility·facilities and equipment, to respond adequately to the needs and expectations of different stakeholders. Promises to eliminate hazards and reduce risks to health and safety at work, and promotes the participation of all members of the educational community.

The commitment to quality affects the entire organization center, accepts this challenge and assume responsibility to participate actively in the development and improvement of quality in the center. The management of the center will ensure and provide the means at its disposal to achieve quality objectives.


The performance of the Institute Carlos Vallbona, according to their educational project, aims to promote personal and professional growth of our students respect, tolerance and efforts and achieve satisfactory relationships among all members of the educational community in order to create a motivating work environment and participatory


Missió del centre: promote personal and professional growth of students in respect, la tolerància i l’esforç, i aconseguir unes relacions interpersonals satisfactòries entre tots els membres de la comunitat educativa per tal de crear un entorn de treball participatiu i motivador.

The vision of the Institute Carlos Vallbona is to be a center of attention to quality sports, highlighting research methodologies, technological and digital, in classroom activities and evaluation skills, in innovation, interested in culture, open to co·operation and exchanges with other schools and other countries and benchmark integrated professional training in internationalization and business services.

Valors: respecte (en la diversitat), tolerància (en l’àmbit educatiu), esforç (personal, en l’aprenentatge, en la convivència), participació (a tots els nivells del centre).