Professors italians visiten l’institut Carles Vallbona

El passat dimarts 21 March hosted a school group,,ca,Italian teachers who were interested in our work methodology and wanted to see first hand how we organize at school,,ca,KA1 ICT CHALLENGES IN LEARNING MOBILITY gestionada per la,,en,CENTRAL SCHOOL EDUCATION,,it,and co,,ca,Departure City Council and Parliament 1st GAD,,ca,Students First Administrative Management visited the Parliament of Catalonia on,,ca,And also,,ca,to make the trip,,ca,Barcelona City Council,,ca,With these visits, the students were able to achieve better content that refer to public institutions,,ca,within the training module "Business and Administration",,ca 15 professors italians qui estaven interessats en la nostra metodologia de treball i volien conèixer de primera mà com ens organitzem a l’institut. The Italian teachers came thanks to a scholarship Erasmus KA1 ICT CHALLENGES IN LEARNING MOBILITY gestionada per la SCUOLA CENTRALE FORMAZIONE i amb la col·operation of the Department of Education of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

In addition to a presentation by the institute by the director of the center, Montoy glory, we also offered them one Taller d'a 2.0 by Professor Olga Schlüter. Here you can find a link to Prezi










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