Selection of students for Erasmus finance workshop in Italy in May

erasmus171aHas begun the selection of students to participate in workshops on finance in Italy in the framework of the Erasmus “The New Literacy Set“. This is the last trip of 3 planned to test the materials developed by teachers of the schools involved in the project. Our institute sent 10 students and 2 professors a Montefiascone, to the north of Rome, to participate, together with 10 students and Zagreb 10 italians, the workshops will take place during the week of 14 to the 20 May 2017.

During this week, the selected students will participate with fellow Croatian and Italian activities on the topic of finances organized by the project team and visiting professors. these activities, including innovative methodologies, eines with ICT, group work, gamificació, among others. Recreational activities are also planned some afternoons.

Activities will be focused on finance: how to prepare a business plan, how to understand loans and mortgages, security in online purchases, the role of banks and finance today, the impact of marketing, Pension Plans, taxes, among others. Similarly to the previous communication workshops in Zagreb and information to Granollers, All activities are conducted in English.

The selection of students will be taken into account, this order:

  • the age, d'napkin has to be between 14 i 18 years
  • the attitude of the student
  • knowledge of English
  • academic results
That is why the teaching staff is trusted, who are the ones who know the students best in their day to day in the classes. If you are interested, contact your tutor who will send us your sun·lawfulness.
Here are some photos from the information workshops we organized in Granollers this January: