Selection of students for Erasmus activities “The new literacy set” January

erasmusflagfundIn the framework of the Erasmus + The New Literacy Set we are conducting with Croatia and Italy, select 10 Students to participate in information workshops. This time our host institute 10 students and Zagreb 10 de Montefiascone participar, with these 10 our students, workshops that will take place week 9 to the 13 January 2017.

During this week students not selected will attend regular classes but will cooperate with fellow Croatian and Italian activities organized by the project team and visiting professors. these activities, to be held in co-working space and library, including innovative methodologies, eines with ICT, group work, gamificació, among others. Recreational activities are also planned some afternoons.

The activities will be focused on information: how to search for information, know how to read a map, interpret graphs, generate online information, among others. All activities will be conducted in English.

For the selection of pupils will consider, this order:

  • the age, d'napkin has to be between 14 i 18 years
  • the attitude of the student
  • knowledge of English
  • academic results
Especially the project is planned to include pupils with Special Educational Needs.
This is why trust Secondary teaching teams, BAT i grau mig, who know who are the best students in their daily classes.Si are interested please contact your tutor / a.
Attached is a link to the news of the stay in Zagreb, we worked on communication activities:, and some photos.