Workshop Web application development with Symfony Framework

symfony171The students of the 2nd cycle of Web Application Development, have conducted a workshop on development of web applications with the framework Symfony.

This workshop was carried out thanks to the support·operation of the company INFOJIC (Solution for SMEs) d'here Granollers.







The contents are to be worked in the workshop:

  • Frameworks
  • Facilities·Installation and configuration of Symfony (Xampp, Composer, SublimeText3)
  • Organization of directories Symfony
  • Creating a project
    • Structure Project
    • Bundles
    • Routing
    • Controllers
    • Actions
    • Templates
    • Doctrine

The workshop has a duration of 8 hours theoretical exercises and diversity 12 practical hours.

On completion of the workshop was handed over a certificate of a certificate for students and cabbage·operation in INFOJIC for their co·working.