Meeting Aquitaine / Catalonia on career guidance

On 22 i 23 January 2019, a group 15 Teachers throughout Catalonia, i 3 Members of the General FP, we had a meeting in Perpignan with Project PyireneFP, on orientation and mobility in vocational training.
The first visit we made, Mission Locale went to Perpignan, where first of all we were all French delegation, and then made the presentation of the Public Service Regional Vocational Guidance (SRPO). After our education department representatives made a presentation of our guidance system in Catalonia.
After lunch, we continued with the presentation of the organization of the "Red orientation sur l'Occitane transfrontalière" (THREE) Despi and our colleagues presented the organization of the network Catalan guidance on border.
To finish, told us the support of the unemployed in the border area, and finally told us the support to the work and training for young 16 a 25 year old, as a term of the Local Mission Young Perpinyà.
However this day, note that in France there is a very organized system of guidance, since the year 2009 was created Public Service Orientation, i l’any 2014 This increased service, creating the Regional Public Service Orientation.
It also said that the organization Pôle emploi, is how our SOC, have many offers transfers, and also have a counseling service to unemployed powerful.
Per últim, The presentation of the Mission Locale, told us that engage young people who are unemployed and have left the school system, i of the Local Mission, help them find work or appropriate studies to guide each person.
To take, we visited a CFA, a Center of Vocational Training following the Chamber of Commerce, where students can go to 29 year old, and make alternating FP, fan 1 week of classes in schools, i 3 week company training. We explained that to study in this center the first thing to do is a learning contract between the student and the company. To do this contract, is a validation project, the student was 10 days and if the company likes to validate the project and this does not break many conventions.
Professional families that were in the CFA were: Hotels and restaurants, Commerce, Computer Science and Robotics.
The next day, Wednesday 23 January, we visited another training center, El Liceu Regional Training Institute of Guidance Metiers. It is a spectacular center, which give many training courses, such as automotive (mechanics, and motorcycle bodywork), food (forner, pastry, and chocolate), dental prostheses, cleaning up, hair salon, carpentry… All these training courses are crafts. This school also has a beginning student learning contract, they said that an apprentice is a worker more than one company, is hired. So it is a prerequisite for entering the school have a learning contract. This training is called alternately.
This school, there is 2 persons responsible for managing the Learning Exchange, which connect the supply and demand for learning. This bag Learning is responsible for informing businesses and interact with them so that they have students with learning contract.
These learners are 15 a 30 years and are 1 week and school 3 Company weeks. The apprenticeship contract can be temporary or permanent and can be 3 months to 3 years. Start charging a 27% SMI that of France 1.500 €. Companies that earn incentive pay state, and have a trial period 45 dies.
On Wednesday afternoon, visited a center EPL, which is a center of FP Department of Agriculture, consists 4 centres, 2 high schools, 1 CFA i 1 centre d’adults.
These centers work the farm, encourage agricultural development in the area. Theirs 5 objectives are: formation, regional development, insertion, international cooperation and experimentation and animation of the territory.
In one of the centers, Professional Lyceum, CAP formations are professional and VAC, are a total 250 Students, i 60 boarding. The other center, is on the outskirts of Perpignan. El CFA, there is 205 Studies of these learners: landscaping, flower shop, horticulture, viniculture and business studies. Finally there is also a center for adults agriculture, seeking retraining servant, and studies are agriculture and viniculture.
To finish, told us that work following training: Operating olives, production of apricots, horticulture workshop, aromatic and medicinal plants, viticulture workshop, commercial activities since sold production in his establishment.
As a final conclusion, we would say that the French educational system towards vocational training has many resources, and make very concrete and practical training. It is also very positive that the students from the first moment it begins with a learning contract to the company, and much training does it in the same company. We also have a system that career guidance very powerful, and makes students 16 years have quite clear who want to pursue studies. France really is alternating training, ja that 1 make the school week, i 3 weeks to make the company.
It was a very enriching meeting, and now the project ends in March with a meeting in Zaragoza with all project partners, they are Catalonia, Aragon, Navarra, Basque Country, and the people of Gaza French.

You can see more photos of the event here.