A group of students of the Institute Carlos Vallbona national programming contest

Programame_madrid_1516_1Alexandre L'Busquests, Roberto Navarro i Gerson Ramírez, Known as the ProgramaMe “Children of the atom”, were the representatives of our school programming contest organized by state teachers of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

In this edition gathered 21 Equipment institutes throughout Spain. It is an event that gets more important every year and that teachers and students praise for both your organization and the level of the participating groups.

As stated Roberto Navarro, “This competition has been a very special experience and definitely would return to repeat. Go to capital, to know the best programmers around Spain higher level and compete against them was spectacular ". Clearly the previous phases are special but also had the opportunity to be one of the best universities in the computer it was magnificent.
This is a great opportunity to test knowledge but singularly attractive, "ProgramaMe has helped us improve our programming skills,ca, problem solving and coordination. We look forward to the next year!”

Programame_madrid_1516_2VallesTeam: components "Rest in Python" and “Children of the atom” before the award ceremony.

During the day, besides being 4 programming hours were closed can lunch at the center with the other participants. Especially good times spent with the group IES Sabadell: “Rest in Python”. Together they shared a hostel and "caps" near the Puerta del Sol. Each other, although the competition did not come out as expected, so keep great memories of this trip.