Visit pharmaceutical logistics service of the Hospital de Sant Pau

Monday 5 February, 2nd TIL students (Transport and Logistics) visited the pharmaceutical logistics service of the Hospital de Sant Pau.
Logistics and management of drug purchases, warehouses and distribution of hospitals is very complex and requires precision work and more control than most other logistics services sectors.
The visit to the Hospital de Sant Pau was accompanied by two presentations: the logistics service provisioning General Hospital, which has sixty stores, which are managed by a centralized reception and a computer software SAP. In the central warehouse working with more than two thousand references, and hospital-wide with more than four thousand; although the products that need more control and supervision are associated with certain medications and surgery costly or require more control, such as narcotics.
The logistical equipment, all automated, is the largest in the state; has an automated system for storage and control products, and prevents the most there breaks stock, although given the wide variety of medical situations, can not prevent emergencies happen.
The institute is negotiating the possibility of signing a training agreement for students who are more interested in training in a specialized sector such as transport and logistics of drugs.

You can see more photos of the visit here.