Visit Sh3llcon

the past 24-25 January 2020 convention was held computer security Sh3llcon to Santander.

Sh3llCON is a forum for dissemination of information security which celebrates its 5th edition in Santander and has become a major national scene found cybersecurity.

La Sh3llcon 2020 consisted of 12 top-level talks, 7 original workshops, 4 workshops "illegal" and 48 CTF hours (contest “Catch The Flag” where contestants face different challenges on real cybersecurity).
In Sh3llCON addresses information security from all points of view, highlighting both the perspective of the security professional as the company, institutions and various stakeholders concerned.

The institute Carles Vallbona there has been represented with its cybersecurity team that is preparing for the Catskills to be held next June.

The visit is part of the education and training activities that were carried out during the current year, with students from 2nd to ASIX (l’equip actual) and promising young 1st SMX, future members of the team owner.

At the closing ceremony of the convention, there was a lot of professional online training company The security Sentinel and the CTF awards.

Regarding the CTF, Adrià Romero was a creditable third place, but since the second place was a tie of two competitors, got no material prize.

Regarding the draw, Lucky wanted both students and accompanying teacher win 3 of 7 prizes were raffled (a course of audits phones, a network security and other ethical hacking, rated among 250 i 400 euros).

As you can see, Carles Vallbona remains steadfast in its commitment to training Cybersecurity.